Big Bumpin' is a budget priced, budget game

User Rating: 7.2 | Big Bumpin' X360
Gameplay: You pick a character and a car and then play a variety of different games involving bumper cars. There are about three or four different arenas (settings) and then different games in each of those. Specifically the games range from last man standing (be the last alive) to hockey. There are a few others as well. The physics work surprisingly well, but the AI is another story. It's impossibly difficult. Thankfully Blitz Games included Xbox Live play. Although as these are only a Burger King promotion, I'm not sure how long the servers will stay online.

Sound: Some catchy tunes, nothing spectacular. Sound effects get the point across.

Replay Value: Getting through the single player (tournaments) took me about two-three hours. If your going for achievements though, expect to spend another two or so, and then there's the online component.

Basically, you can pickup this game for $4-5, and in my opinion, it's worth every penny.