Gather 'round, step right up, try your might at a mildly amusing minigame collection, fun for the whole family!

User Rating: 6.5 | Big Bumpin' X360
Big Bumpin’ is a minigame collection, but with bumper cars, yeah, that’s it. There are a couple of minigames, normal deathmatch where you aim to be the last car standing, some sort of hockey but with bumper cars, hot potato and more.

There are only five arenas in the game, most of them are filled with obstacles like pits of doom, giant saws and more, all I can say is that’s one crazy carnival. Unfortunately, only about two game types are playable in each arena, and that limits the fun a lot.

Big Bumpin’ features the famous Burger King mascots as well as no-name customizable characters that are super lame. The game also features a couple of bumper cars, mostly just different versions of the same one, but there are no speed, power, endurance, number of cup-holder differences in them, you just pick your favourite color and your off.

Unfortunately, the game is pretty boring when you play alone, just like most other minigame collections, but when you get a couple of buddies and start trash-talking, it’s really fun.

All-in-all, Big Bumpin’ is a pretty fun game when you’re playing with people, and for the price you could do worse, like buying Pocketbike Racer.