Good if you're drunk or high (not that i'm advocating either).

User Rating: 6.5 | Big Bumpin' XBOX
The tournament mode of play is kind of fun, but it goes kind of fast. But then again, what do you expect of a 5 dollar game available at and sponsored by Burger King? The nice thing about this is that 4 players can play at once. And if you've washed your Quad-Stacker pound of fatty beef down with enough booze, you'll have a good time, and probably without hurting anyone. Big Bumpin is a good mini game, and the only BK game i've played. I'd imagine most have the same thing going for it. I think they would have been better off if they weren't so greedy and packaged all of their games on one CD and just sold that for like 10 bucks. It would still pay off for them, because you're basically paying for one long BK advertisement. It's actually pretty genius on their part.