is this the best brain game ever on ds

User Rating: 8.5 | Big Brain Academy DS
this is one of the few brain games i like i wii go through each of the catgeroies think now the only game i dont like on think is pathfinder it too hard it is like you got lost in a big maze aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah compute compute help you improve your math skills i like it very much anyalse now this are meduim games to me i like missng link indenfiy you got to on inderfiy indefiy some shapes or get the piesces of the shape mermoirze this are the best games in big brain acamedy now the muiti player the first time i played the muitiplayer is when i was in france it is really quite good every hour there is something said by mr lobe some of them are really quite funny like the one when mr lobe talk about her couisn and you can pratcie these actitives in pratice class and you can do tests with all the catories so buy maybe by or not buy maybe buy