Good, but too short.

User Rating: 8 | Big Brain Academy DS
Big Brain Acadamy, following the popular Brain Age games, is in much the same vein. The cartoony graphics of the game, along with its bouncing music, give the game a very upbeat and casual feel. BBA is realy a collection of minigames, which are very addictive, but, numbering only 15, will not last most players long enough to consider this a truly great game. This game is highly addicting, but will become repetitive after about 8-12 hours of total gameplay time. The medals, however, can keep players coming back periodicly, or to try to get a higher score. The use of the touchscreen works very well, with only occassional misreading, or tricky spots. The multiplayer is great, with 8 players needing only 1 game. But the minigames lack real interaction between players except for the competition for a better time. Big Brain Acadamy is good, and will quickly hook most players, but will wear off too fast, and only recieve occassional visits from DS players.