If you thought brain age needed better multiplayer...

User Rating: 9.3 | Big Brain Academy DS
this game is not as concentrated on math skills as Brain Age was, in this installment of Nintendo's fundjucational series, you play about 15 minigames designed to sharpen your memory, math skills, ability to discern and pick out different objects, your ability to search the depth of objects and to create pictures out of bits and pieces of nothing.

the good: lots of fun minigames to play with, 15 in all, 3 in each category (categories are as follows) Think, Memorize, Analyze, Compute and Identify.
each of these are meant to exercise different areas of your brain, one of my favorite games is one in the Identify section called "Get In Shape" in this game you touch the correct pieces on the bottom screen to make the image on the top screen, these games can get pretty difficult if you get faster on the questions thus making this a very fun game that won't get old any time soon.

the multiplayer: is it better? in a word, YES!, in BBA you can take on friends and family (or foes) on in heated 2-8 player battles to beat the clock... and competitors, the multiplayer has improved great over Brain Age, in BBA you get to play ALL of the games over a wireless connection through download play using only 1 cartridge!, this alone makes this game worth getting if you have some people to play with.

the bad: not really anything bad in this, it's simply Fundjucational!.

Overall a great game if you didn't like-or just didn't want to get-Brain Age.