Really fun game. Equal to its competitor, Brain Age.

User Rating: 8 | Big Brain Academy DS
If you have Brain Age, you'll notice that its very similar to Big Brain Academy. Not that that's a bad thing of course. Both games are great. Big Brain Academy is great for people who want to work out their brain, or simply want to remember things better. (I would recommend this game for ages 10-18, and Brain Age 18+) This game helped me a lot with school actually. (I failed to remember most material covered in math and science, so Big Brain Academy helped me memorize things better.) If you are a student who is looking to improve your brain skills in a fun way, BBA is the way to go. Even though I recommended the age groups for this game, anyone can join in! From age 8 to 80, your whole family can have a blast in multiplayer mode. Overall I give Big Brain Academy a 8 out of 10 for being fun, educational, and just plain great.