Fun the first time around, dull the second time, flat out repetitive the third time. BBA is missing the addictiveness.

User Rating: 6.5 | Big Brain Academy DS
I was highly anticipating Big Brain Academy, even though I found it in the discount bin. I had heard numerous good things about it. I grabbed a few friends and sat down.
The first time around, I had thought Nintendo had succeeded. The graphics are easy, and the game-play is not hard to follow at all, and you can select different play options. After your done with the mini-quizzes, and tutorial, the brain gives you a score, and of course a low one. By giving you a horribly low score (by setting the standards too high) it makes you want to play again. Who wouldn't right?
So I play again, and get the same mini-quizzes, and the exact same embarrassing score. That was that. Disappointed, I put the game on a high shelf for another time.
A few months later I found it again, and decided to 'train' my brain for when I do those quizzes again. So I select the other gameplay option, pick which level I wanted to be on, and which mini-quiz I would do. Well, what would I figure, after about 4 minutes of doing the same quizzes numerous times, and not having enough different ones to mix it up with, I gave up.
So sadly, Nintendo, Big Brain is only a 6.5 in my book.
It highly lacts addictiveness that is highly anticipated in these mind games, with too high of standards. The first time around was enjoyable. So if you are going to buy it, play it once, and put it back, and repeat. It can be fun.