Your brain needs to be sharpened. Is this just the medicine for you?

User Rating: 7 | Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree WII
Although it doesn't exactly have the "medical proof" notes that the Brain Age games have, the mini-game collection Big Brain Academy is a pretty decent collection of progressively hard (although not exactly HARD hard) that's perfect for the family to play. But if you're looking for blood and gore, this is SOOO not for you.

First, the game tests your brain to see how heavy it weighs: the heavier, the better. I don't think that it's pretty much an accurate representation of your brain's actual weight, but I guess you've figured that out if you had any common sense.

Anyway, after that part, you can "train" yourself to get a heavier brain by playing the minigames included in the package. And if the game thinks that your brain can handle it, it increases the speed and difficulty that the mini-game normally has. For example, the game wants you to guess what the face of a person who just passed has. In Easy, the differences in your choices are obviously, while in a higher difficulty setting, the differences are almost minute. The game determines that only in the speed of which you process the solution to these mini-games, which probably gives it the feeling that it's training your brain unofficially.

Still, if you're the type who likes family fun, you will get a kick out of this. Otherwise, it's pretty advisable for you to skip this minigame collection. If you want a serious mini-game collection that doesn't screw with your brain with hypothetical crap, try WarioWare.