This a fun but short game with a little to offer

User Rating: 7.5 | Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree WII
Another random game for the Wii that has to do with learning. Big Brain Academy has mostly everything from the DS version, this time you can have your Mii enroll into the academy. The Miis look like they were drawn instead of what the Mii menu makes them look. Of couse the Miis are pretty much pointless when it comes to this game as they are just there to make a avatar for your profile.
The graphics are fine and the gameplay is fast and fun. There are many games to play as you try to grow your brain. There are even 4 difficulty settings for each game. There is multiplayer that makes this game a little more fun. The game is fun for maybe a day or two but it gets repetitive after a while. You can keep coming back everyday just to get smarter but it isn't fun enough to do that. The game is really short as well. You could beat every game within a day. Overall it is fun for a while and for some people it might be fun for a long time, but you might want to just rent this game since you will just get bored with it after a while.