Bottom line if you don't want to read this is Boring.

User Rating: 2.5 | Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree WII
I could copy and paste boring for this whole review but then my rep would go down.
Don't rate this game the first two hours fun you have this game.
I mean there's no story line.
Pointless game play.
And i don't thinks brains are as pointy as they show.
Also internet would be a great for multi player.
But the game weirdly get's you to came back and do the brain test.
Well i would have liked to see some math in that you can't have a "Big Brain" without math.
As you can see i hate this game and i hate to say this but only rent if you buy this game you can get some sleep once you rent it.
There are some games out there that have a point so buy those games.
But on the good side if you want to take a break from gory games this is not the game for you. Lastly the wii is for motion this game lacks it so do me a favor and buy a game that has a story line good game play and a point.