Big Brain Academy Wii Degree tests your brain, and offers great multiplayer fun as well.

User Rating: 8 | Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree WII
Big Brain Academy Wii Degree is the sequel to the DS game of the same name, without the Wii Degree. I enjoyed the first game, so when I saw this, I decided to pick this up. And overall, I really enjoyed it.

When you start out you pick out your Mii to represent your status, like your brain weight and practice medals. Then you are off to play. You can play single player modes and multiplayer modes.

Let's start with the single player. You can take a brain test, which has all the categories, and games from each of them. If you answer the questions correctly and quickly, you will be able to get the most amount of brain grams. You can also practice those activities. The categories include Memorize, which involve memorizing data, then answering a question. In Computate, you solve math questions. These are my least favorite activities, but the game is supposed to help you with it. There are other sections like Analyze, Visualize, and Identify. If you do well practicing and get enough grams in an acitivity, you can get practice medals. These are more than just for show, because if you get platinum medals for all the difficulties, you can unlock expert difficulty.

The graphics don't look anything special, but that's okay, since this type of game doesn't really need great graphics to be good. In fact, I think they fit the style of the game.

The controls work great. All of the games use the pointing function of the Wii Remote.

And now we go to the multiplayer. The multiplayer is great fun. There are a lot of fun games to play, like Brain Quiz, where you pick a tile, and you play the game. Anything can happen, like getting a brutally difficult expert tile surprise or double point bonus. In Mind Sprint, you can go against another player or their records(in other words, the computer). In Mental Marathon, you pick a category, and difficulty, and then you try to see how many games you can beat in a row. You can play this mode co-op with a friend.


Overall, Big Brain Academy Wii Degree is a nice sequel to the DS version. The game is only $20, and there is more than enough content to justify that price. If you enjoyed the original then you will have fun with this game.

Final Score:
8- Great