Big Beach Sports really lets itself down. Unless you have friends to play with, it's just not that fun

User Rating: 6.5 | Big Beach Sports WII
Big Beach Sports, I personally had waited a bit for this and saved up my money to buy it, and I was sorely disappointed.

The Good:
It's great fun with friends and family, and a calm slow game. 6 cool sports and enough fun for everyone and enough types to suit even the pickiest of people. Kids enjoy it lots, it's a brilliant way of distracting my little brother for an hour. Character Creation is really good and a nice touch with the DS.

The Bad:
Way too easy, even the newest of gamers can master this game in a short space of time. Not that brilliant for the hardcore gamers out there, so this game is best suited for the newer, calmer player. Lack of control, on most games such as football you don't even get to choose where you run, the computer does it for you, which is alright sometimes but I'd prefer it if you could actually choose the movement.

When to Buy:
Have a little brother? Its brilliant just to put him on there for a while. If you have a few friends around it's a nice game to play.

Luca Likes: DS Character Creation feature (you download something for the DS and you can hand make the face for your Character)
Cricket and Volleyball are the best games to play, possible the only games fun to play on your own

Luca Hates: Not being able to move
Incredibly easy

Quick Version: Mostly a let down, wait for Wii Sports 2 which I hear is coming out, if your dying to play a sports game, entertain yourself with Wii sports.

By Jimmy :D