Was kinda fun. But don't buy it, it was not worth it.

User Rating: 8 | Big Beach Sports WII
I liked soccer,disc golf,football,and cricket, but volleyball and bocce ball weren't as fun. For volleyball i had to spike the ball like all the time. For bocce ball, i didn't know how to throw closer to the wall. It's directions weren't very good. Overall I would give this and 8. The tutorials were boring for all the sports. This game needs better tutorials.The good thing about tournaments is that u enter, u win. Soccer is pretty easy but bocce ball is hard. Football is the most fun, bocce ball is the least fun. I only recomend this to people who have time to beat it or unlock all the things it has. Trust me, iv'e played like 10 hours, only unlocked like 7 things. I also only got like 500 of the 6000 skillpoints to beat it. To beat the game, think on spending 100-200 hours. Thialso needs better controls. Its hard to control ur character.