Not worth the money.

User Rating: 5 | Big Beach Sports WII
I found this game more frustrating than anything. The controls for most games are somewhat sloppy and the character selection is annoying. The disc golf was the only portion of this that I found even vaguely entertaining. The badminton was simply the same combination of hit, set, spike about 90% of the time, no matter what motions I tried. At $30 a pop I expect better controls, the ability to track my own player with my own name and a few other goodies. In short, don't bother spending the money on this when there are certainly better versions of every game out there. I know the Deca sports version of badminton is better, but I haven't tried soccer on any program at all. If you are looking to experiment with the Wiimote and its possibilities you can skip this game, also, as I don't feel it adds anything to the basic motions of even the simplest games.