a game with lots of messages and reflection.

User Rating: 8 | Beyond: Two Souls PS4

I do not understand the negative reception around Beyond: Two Souls, I think David Cage and Quantic Dream did a great job on Beyond, the game continues with the gameplay style of other company games, it's a movie that people control, contain many choices and dialogues, and obviously make a difference in their gameplay, the game has beautiful graphics, the facial expression is impeccable, the choice of cast to make the capture is great, has Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe as characters, The story of the game is good, but sometimes it is very confusing and the plot twist of the game did not surprise me, I already expected something like that, Beyond: Two Souls is a great game, has problems in the plot, sometimes it is confusing until too, but for those who like games that reminiscent of movies will love Beyond. Note 85