Stuck in the Condenser Chapter, need help (spoilers)

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I'm stuck at the Condenser Chapter on the part where I need to go to the other shut down control. I opened the door then used Aiden to scout ahead, but I can't get back to controlling Jodie. Is there anyway to get back control of jodie? If not, does anyone have a save file around that chapter? Thanks.

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Could you be a little more specific? I've finished the chapter (and the game), but not sure where exactly you are. Could you tell me what actions you did before reaching the point you're currently at?

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@herviross_2: Hit triangle to return to Jodie. If that does not work, then perhaps it is glitched. Good luck.

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This is the part I'm at. I tried hitting the triangle button, but I can't get back in control of Jodie.

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Okay, now I know where you are. After opening the door, Jodie says she'll make a run to the console and that Aiden should protect her. You'll take control of Jodie, but whenever entities start attacking her, you'll switch to Aiden and be forced to remove the entities before Jodie can proceed. It seems like that has not triggered for you after opening the door. You may have run into a glitch.

I've attached a video below that may help you out. Skip to the 3:00 mark and replicate what's shown in the video. If that's not possible, then I'd suggest restarting the chapter.

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It seems like I can't do that anymore. I switched to controlling Aiden before Jodie got attacked by the entities, and I can't get back control of Jodie. Thanks for the replies.

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@awdrifter: That's a shame. Poor design. If the last checkpoint was before Jodie opened the door, then just continue from there without switching to Aiden, otherwise restart the chapter and try again. Hope you don't run into any more glitches.