Red Box is the best invention.Best $2.14 i ever spent!

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I hate buying games,and then not ever playing them again.Metal Gear for example,Heavy Rain,...they are great games with faboulous story lines but its a one time deal.Sick of paying full price so I tried Red box for the 1st time.Beat the game in 10 1/2 hrs. and beat the game.Returned game in the evening.

Heavy Rain had a better Story,but Ellen paige's performance was great.You should not buy this game ,but you MUST play this game.yea,it's one of those.

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I've got a better deal for you: Gamefly. The first month is completely free. Then at that point I would recommend paying the $15.95 for the next month, then cancel before the month expires. At that point, Gamefly has you in their system as a customer and will routinely give you discount emails. My first email from them wanted me to return as a customer, giving me another free month (no joke). I then cancelled again. They then gave me another email for 2 months of Gamefly for about $7.95. That is an insane deal considering Redbox is $2/day. Do the math.

Yes, there is a downside: Waiting for games to arrive to the Gamefly distribution center, then waiting for them to deliver your next game, so there is roughly 8 days of waiting between game rentals. However, it's still cost efficient over Redbox. There was also one time a game was purportedly lost. I told this to Gamefly and they didn't ask me to pay for the game and instead of waiting for the game to arrive, they immediately shipped the next game I wanted, so good deal. Btw, two months later, the game finally got to them in the mail, lol.

The other big problem with Redbox is they carry a limited game selection and only A+ titles (Madden, GTA V, Assassin's Creed, etc.). If you want a more niche title, you're screwed. Gamefly has a much bigger selection.

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