BeyBlade VForce: Super Tournament Battle Cheats For GameCube

  1. Unlock Daichi

    In order to unlock the little guy Daichi, you have to defeat him in Tournament Mode. When you defeat Daichi and win the tournament (he'll randomly appear), he will join your roster.

    Contributed by: AnkiRendan 

  2. Use the DJ

    In order to use the DJ (that's right, the announcer!) you have to defeat DJ in the tournament. I believe you cannot have any ''Try agains'' in order to get this character. If you're using DJ, Kenny or Tyson will be the announcer.

    Contributed by: AnkiRendan 

  3. Get Dual Dragoon bit beast

    Beat the national championship once and talk to DJ in the lobby, and he'll give you the Dual Dragoon bit chip.

    Contributed by: GValko 

  4. Dragoon V2 Booster Pack

    To Unlock the Dragoon V2 Booster pack you must beat the tournament once, then in the lobby talk to the DJ and he will say something about giving you a gift if you can win the next tournament. Beat the Tournment once more and talk to the DJ in the lobby again and he will give you the ''Dragoon V2 booster pack'' You can equip it in the Joint.

    Contributed by: Mystical Sheep 

  5. Unlock King

    To unlock King you just have to beat him in tournament mode. Same as earning Daichi. He doesn't have the best blade, so using him may be difficult.

    Contributed by: seer358 

  6. Choose Your Announcer

    At the Player Select screen of any of the 4 Game Modes (except Tournament), you can use the L and R buttons to Cycles through DJ, Kenny, and Tyson as your announcer.

    Effect Effect
    At Player Select Screen, press L or R Cycles through the Announcers

    Contributed by: RajuBajurl