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If you're looking purely at sales numbers for the last generation of consoles, Nintendo's Wii was far and away at the top of the pile, selling more units than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite this, there are plenty of people who think that there were no "good" games released for Nintendo's groundbreaking console. We're here to bust that myth with our list of the must-have games for the Wii. Do you agree with our choices? Sound off in the comments below.

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Click below to see more screens from our top Nintendo Wii games.
Click below to see more screens from our top Nintendo Wii games.

Call of Duty Black Ops

"Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii is almost every bit as excellent as its HD console counterparts. New modes and mechanics give a jolt of energy to the lively competitive multiplayer; the engrossing new campaign is one of the best in the series; Combat Training mode allows anyone to enjoy the thrills of arena combat; and Zombies mode provides a goofy, gory diversion." -- Read our review

Donkey Kong Country Returns

"Donkey Kong Country Returns doesn't hide behind any gimmicks. This is a traditional take on 2D platformers, and it excels because the brilliant level design makes old obstacles seem new again. Every level hides a new surprise, and you'll replay them over and over again not only to nab every hidden collectible, but also because they're exquisitely entertaining." -- Read our review

Rock Band 3

"Rock Band 3 not only introduces new and exciting things to the world of rhythm games, but it does almost everything better than those that have come before it. When it comes to accessible, inventive, and immensely entertaining music video games, nobody does it better than Rock Band 3." -- Read our review

Kirby's Epic Yarn

"Kirby's Epic Yarn makes it clear from the get-go that it is an adorable game that will put a smile on your face through its outstanding visual design, but the delights go much deeper than the delectable aesthetics. Clever levels with varied objectives make it a blast to play, and though the main story is way too easy, there are at least challenging minigames to unlock for those who want to test their reflexes." -- Read our review

Mario Kart Wii

"The all-new stunt system, simplified drifting mechanics, natural motion controls, and expansive online integration all come together in a single package that, despite a few hiccups, is one of the best and most accessible experiences available on the Nintendo Wii." -- Read our review

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

"If you expected Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to be a high-quality continuation of the series, you'd be right. And yes, the Wii controls are terrific and intuitive, so if you hoped that controlling bounty hunter Samus Aran would be a dream, that wish has been granted, too." -- Read our review

Monster Hunter Tri

"This action/role-playing series finally reaches its potential with Tri, which renders its wild paradise in beautiful detail and lets you team up with friends or strangers online to tame it. A few of the game's facets are stubbornly mired in the past, such as a couple of awkward control issues and some online oddities. But this is, finally, what Monster Hunter had the potential to be all along: intense, involving, and most importantly, great fun." -- Read our review

New Super Mario Bros Wii

"New Super Mario Bros. Wii has more than nostalgia to back it up. While it doesn't stray too far from what's come before it, New Super Mario Bros. Wii's tight gameplay, multitude of secrets, accessibility for newcomers thanks to the nifty Super Guide, and some fun multiplayer additions all add up to a great platformer that Mario fans and nonfans alike should enjoy." -- Read our review

No More Heroes

"The fantastic combat is more than enough reason to revisit No More Heroes. This time, SUDA-51 has delivered a game that can match its absurd premise with equally stimulating gameplay, making for one of the most unique and satisfying action games in recent memory." -- Read our review

Click below to see more screens from our top Nintendo Wii games.
Click below to see more screens from our top Nintendo Wii games.


"There's much more to this game than you've probably come to expect from the typical action adventure experience, and the game is so well crafted from top to bottom that it's bound to impress just about anyone who gives it a chance." -- Read our review


"Although the Wii version of Punch-Out plays almost identically to the NES original, the formula is still as intense, addictive, and fun as it ever was. The roster is mostly composed of fighters from the earlier games, but they are as exhilarating to fight now as they were the first time and come with a number of new moves and techniques that will flummox even the more hardened Punch-Out veterans." -- Read our review

Resident Evil 4

"The best games are worth playing through all over again. Not only does RE4 itself remain a heart-pounding thrill ride and a modern classic, but the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls breathe new life into a game that is still a treat to play." -- Read our review

Dead Space: Extraction

"Dead Space Extraction has been built from the ground up to offer a more strategic, story-oriented experience that acts as a second meaningful entry in the Dead Space universe. Extraction pulls no punches and delivers an uncompromised horror experience, complete with the series' famous strategic dismemberment, spooky atmosphere, and intense action." -- Read our review

Super Mario Galaxy 2

"It's the expertly designed levels that will keep you coming back, even after you've seen everything this game has to offer, just to experience it one more time. This is an instant classic that belongs alongside the best games Nintendo has ever created." -- Read our review

Super Paper Mario

"Super Paper Mario stands as an engaging and fun Wii game that's well worth your time. Super Paper Mario's humorous story, accessible gameplay, inventive design, cool visual style, and impressive amount of content give it an undeniable charm. Anyone with a Wii should check it out." -- Read our review

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"Whether you're a diehard Smash Bros. fanatic or a neophyte brawler, you'll be pleased to know that Super Smash Bros. Brawl includes a plethora of impressive characters, features, and game modes, and is more accessible and fun than ever before." -- Read our review

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best games ever. Ever.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best games ever. Ever.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

"While fighting veterans will revel in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's deeply satisfying combat, the game is without a doubt one of the easiest in the genre to jump into, thanks to control schemes that cater to everyone from brawling neophytes to air combo aficionados." -- Read our review

The Last Story

"It's a familiar tale, but The Last Story is far from a familiar game. It's a deep, fast-paced JRPG, that evolves the genre in ways that enhance its existing tropes, without stripping away at its soul." -- Read our review

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

"Twilight Princess is a great game that stays extremely true to the Zelda franchise's past. That's excellent news for fans of the series, who'll find in Twilight Princess a true-blue Zelda game with updated visuals, some new twists, plenty of challenging puzzles, and a faithful dedication to the series' roots." -- Read our review

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

"This game is totally built around the Wii Remote and maintains, if not surpasses, the level of absolute random insanity that has made the whole series so appealing. It's a terrific use of the Wii's unique control features, it looks amazing, and in short, it should be a part of your library." -- Read our review

Wii Fit

"Wii Fit takes the whole concept of games as exercise to a new level with the inclusion of a balance board peripheral that can tell you on the fly exactly how well--or how poorly--you're doing with its various activities. As such, Nintendo is heavily marketing this innovative title as a mixture of fitness and fun, and for the most part it works." -- Read our review

Wii Sports Resort

"holiday. Wii Sports Resort shines as a fun, accessible, and varied multiplayer experience, and while not all of its minigames are top-notch, there's plenty here to make this a great party game for any Wii owner." -- Read our review

Xenoblade in action.
Xenoblade in action.

Xenoblade Chronicles

"It has everything that seasoned JRPG veterans are looking for, but it also manages to lift the barrier for entry for those new to the genre. It retains the traditions it wants to and modernises the aspects it needs to. It's not only one of the best JRPGs in years; it's also one of the best RPGs regardless of subgenre. Xenoblade Chronicles is a captivating, magical game which deserves to be hailed as the revolution it is." -- Read our review

Zack and Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

"It might not win you over with its characters or story, but it will with its wonderfully crafted puzzles and sharp control mechanics. It's just the sort of game Wii owners have been pining for, the sort of game that blends accessibility and challenge into one seamless whole, and does it without devolving into yet another minigame collection." -- Read our review

House of the Dead: Overkill

"Overkill reinvents the aging shooter series for the better with an over-the-top grindhouse theme that resonates in its every aspect, from the hilarious story to the fantastic vintage soundtrack." -- Read our review

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