Great old-school adventure game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered IOS
This is an absolute classic adventure game from 1994 which gets an excellent reworking for the iPhone. The game starts with a new animated intro sequence and remastered music and sound effects, and it is not long before you find yourself (Robert Foster) on the run from your abductors!

It is quite a hard game but it does give you a great sense of satisfaction when you solve each area. Controls are excellent leaving you to focus on the game itself, and for those of you who do get stuck along the way will find the games built in hint system a joy to have at your disposal. This is a highly recommended classic that no true adventure gamer should miss.

Well done 'Revolution Software' for bringing this little gem back to life, and now lets get moving on an iPhone version of 'Lure Of The Temptress' as well as the acclaimed 'Broken Sword' series.