It's time for the ulitmate alien battle to begin.

User Rating: 6.5 | Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction PS2
The series of Ben 10 has continued to be very popular throughout the many years that the tv series has been going on going from the very first to Action Force and finally to Ultimate Alien which is cool as there is also a game just like the others before it based on the newer series.
The story starts as Ben and his crew are fighting off some bad guys like they usually do until they soon learn that there is a massive storm from outer space is coming to earth so they think nothing of it until it gets to be real trouble when they find out that there is a alien lifeform which is the same species that Ben's alien form Way Big is planning on destroying him along with the planet so the only way to stop it is to find and put together a anicent device created by the Galvan race if he hopes of saving everything but it will not be easy as alot of Ben's enemies both new and old are wanting to stop him.
There are a total of eight locations that Ben and his team must journey to as a few of them include Rome , Paris , Tokyo and China as you must battle lots of bad guys that wish to stop you at any costs as you will notice that when you destroy them and objects in the area that you will collect DNA points which are the little yellow like balls that you can use them to upgrade your alien forms to make them stronger , faster and improve their special skills plus like any other video game there is the collecting of items as this time they are sumo slammer cards as there are three hidden within each of the levels so be sure to keep a sharp eye out for them.
The best part about this game to the Ben 10 series is that in the first few games you could play as five aliens then in the other games later on you could play as ten different aliens so this time you get to play as Swampfire , Spidemonkey , Echo Echo , Big Chill and Humungousaur as these creatures also have Ultimate forms but they can only appear in certain momoents in the game and that there are newer forms to master as they include Terraspin , Water Hazard , NRG , Armodrillo and Ampfibian as each alien force has special skills to help Ben continue on with the game so be sure to master them all if you wish to save the world.
Out of all the Ben 10 games that have been released over the years I would have to say that this is probably my favorite one in the video game series so if your a fan of the series then try this game out as it is worth playing and if you are just a player looking for something new then try it out also.