This game could have been realy good.... But... it´s too childsh, too easy and small, combat is not so fun

User Rating: 7 | Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction PS2
Boring boss fight- Weak game play -too few combos -combat too boring -not funny -too easy -too short - story too dummy -characters too annoyng -poor graphics -it could have been good but it´s not....If you are looking for a good game of ps2 for Ben 10, try protector of earth....the graphics are not that good but it has better combat and gameplay, it´s way more fun than any other game of ben 10.... This new game could have been realy fun exploring the abilities of the new aliens but all of then only have four attacks, and all the levels only need three alien forms making the other seven forms completely uselles, so you will play each level with trhee aliens, each with four attacks with puzzles really boring, against enemies realy weak and will not have fun at all....forget this game,seriously.