this is better than the DS version!

User Rating: 10 | Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks WII
this is my favorite game in the world! at least until Ben 10: Evolutions Vilgax's Revenge (that game is just a guess i'm not sure it even WILL exist) its my favorite video game until Ben 10: Evolutions The Video Game whatever that game may be. This is the first Ben 10 Wii game that's not one of the rare Wii side-scrollers. if you hold the - button, the nunchuck control stick will turn into the camera controller! i'm sure EVERYONE'S favorite part is have access to 10 aliens! my favorite parts of having 10 aliens is 1: seeing the new aliens 3D designs! especially Goop. 2: having the new aliens powers!

-having 10 aliens
-having 10 aliens powers
-the fact that it has cheats (the cheat menu's is in the options menu of the pause menu meaning you have to pause it IN-GAME and press options and you'll see "cheats") (ALSO you press 1 to pause it instead of +)
-accurate designs for 3D especially
-Goop's "Puddle Smack"
-Chromastone's "Presmatic Explosion"
-Humongousaur's "Thunderclap"
-Big Chill's "Ice Spike"
-Cannonbolt's "Super Ball"
-Brainstorm's "Spark of Genius"

-annoying grunts
-lack of combos (each alien has only 4 including D-pad down)
-only some can double jump for a specific reason (EXAMPLE: the UFO above Goop controls him so he can double jump EXAMPLE 2: Big Chill's wings flap duh)
-you can't control how long Echo Echo's copies stay. they disappear randomly (they could've made a button such as 2 to make one go away)
-you only get 3 Echo Echo copies (maximum, unless you make 3 copies then do Wall of Sound)

SOUND: JUST PERFECT!! i love it! the sound is great especially for a WII game! the only bad thing is the annoying grunts and roars

GRAPHICS: i'm not a graphic critic!! but the graphics are so great that i have to say THEY ARE GREAT!!!!! the only bad thing about the graphics is, in close range their shadows pixelate really bad.

OVERALL: overall i give it a ben 10! (in case you don't get it i mean i give it a 10)