Bejeweled Twist Cheats For PC

  1. View the Credits

    To view the credits put the mouse cursor over the classic button, and move around in a clockwise direction going Classic, Zen, Blitz, and Challenge. Repeat till the screen changes and the credits start to scroll. This can be done even if you did not unlock every mode.

    Contributed by: DarkBiohazard 

  2. Mode Unlocks

    These are easily obtained by playing through your first game of Classic since when you unlock Challenge Mode, you are on Level 10. Beat that to get Blitz.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Level 10 in Classic Mode Blitz Mode
    Reach Rank 3 Challenge Mode

    Contributed by: AskaLangly 

  3. Snackers Easter Egg

    In any game mode, while the cursor is off the board, if the player types "snackers", all the images of Coal turn into an image of Snackers. Snackers is the cat whose owner is the CEO of PopCap Games.

    snackers Turns all images of Coal into Snackers, the CEO of PopCap Games's cat.

    Contributed by: ChaoticMichael 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Maps and Charts Enigma 7 Solution by onlynameicanget 93K