Bejeweled 3 itself it's pretty good, but you'll also get 2 other great games in this package.

User Rating: 9 | Bejeweled 3 PS3
Just plan on getting this game if you don't mind sinking quite some time with it, so after this warning I can say... this game is great, for any puzzle lovers that like a challenge. If you played tetris or any other game that requires you to clear rows you know what to expect. I love the simplicity but addictive nature of these games, it's a great ways to balance the average game that you'll play every other day, but this can feel too simplistic for a console release, since it's underpowered compared to full action games.

They packed several different game modes into Bejeweled 3, so there are several ways to play what's basically the same game, but they all work pretty well. There's not much to say, other than it's a great value. The fact that you get two other games in the mix is also a very attractive offer.

Feeding Frenzy 2:
It's a time killer, that's all, if you want to not get involved in a intricate storyline but want to play something for a little bit this will fill that gap. There's nothing really complicated, but this is the charm of the game. You're a little fish trying to eat fishes in your size bracket until you grow and can expand your menu until you fill your appetite and move to the next level, so it's the real survival of the fittest concept that makes this game unique. It's not that challenging and if you take it slow you're bound to be able to go through the whole campaign in a few hours.

This is a very casual game, suited for on mobile or on the go platforms but works quite well with the PlayStation controller and it's a great party game where you can have up to 4 local players, no online play for this game. There are a few gameplay modes and some power ups in some levels that spicy this up a little. Levels that allow you to jump out of the water to catch some bugs are specially entertaining. All these little additions add some variety to the game and make it challenging.

This game gave me tons of frustration and hand cramps but I couldn't stop playing and trying to reach the end of the game. Very simple premise where you're a frog with some color marble that need to be shot at other marbles so they get eliminated from the growing trend. It starts not really pushing your reflexes but by the end you'll be sweating and wondering if you're going to develop carpool tunnel on your hands.

It's nature, music and animation is quite relaxing on the other hand, that's a big contrast of the frustrating trial and trial and error and error and error. The marbles become hard to target since you'll need to calculate the distance and angle in order to proceed. This game will challenge your patience like no other, it's a great exercise of how a frog can push your colored buttons.