Sequence is a rare jewel in these days. Bold story, great atmosphere, innovative gameplay. It more than your money worth

User Rating: 9.5 | Sequence PC
I'll start simply by disagreeing with the official review. Sequence is one of the few games that made me feel "Wow, it's a game that's worth every penny.". The price factor do come into play, it's only $5 after all, but that isn't the only thing you should be taking into account. If you watch Sequence credits you'll see that their crew it's composed by a little more than 10 people, they can't do a Game of the Year with that, but that doesn't mean their game is bad, not by miles.

So, beginning the actual review.

It's hard telling someone why Sequence story is good without spoiling it. I can say it's a very daring one, it didn't stepped out the zone of comfort, it blasted away from it. And i respect Iridium for that. An "annoying main character" is Tommy from prey, Ky (The main character) is voiced by the game creator (Jason Wishnov), therefore you can tell that he voiced him with passion. The voice acting from Sequence is even better than some of the big producer's games, like Vanquish, Driver: SF, or even Deus Ex. And the personality of Ky is quite polished, instead of being a pointman with a voice, the character has ideas from it's own, and just because he is different from the stiff and boring pattern of nowadays "badasses" or "worthless" it doesn't mean he is a annoying character, that'd make half of the world boring.

Also it goes saying you'll inevitably laugh while playing Sequence, a lot of good jokes were put into that in this game.

DDR + JRPG + innovative mind = Sequence.
That's probably the easiest way to describe how Sequence plays like. I guarantee that it's nothing like you've played so far, even though they cut elements from a JRPG like exploration or finding loads and loads of items, it'll never fell like you're missing something. The game might fell shallow for some depending on --which expectation you were when you bought the game first place--, but when you look to the formula as a whole, you realize that the room for improvement in Sequence could only be obtained with a much larger budget and studio. Iridium maximized their efficiency while releasing their game.

The GS reviewer complained about not having enough songs, and since the music play a great role in Sequence gameplay i'll mention that here. Sequence does NOT have a huge array of songs like DDR or Dance Central for you to play. All of the game music was made by two men, Ronald Jenkees and DJ Plaeskool, what else could be expected from that? A soundtrack of 100 songs? Every other musical game counts on songs from different bands/musicians, and to do that you need to pay to use their songs, do you think a indie developer can pull that off? I would say their songs are great, but music taste it's the most difficult to match between people, so, i can only say that the music is good with the beat, essential for every DDR game. I personally liked the songs, type "Disorganized Fun", "Derty" or "On Cue" on you tube to see if they match your taste too.

Here i'll talk a little about Sequence developer company, Iridium. Nowadays, every producer launches patches to fix some of the game's problems, but it's rare to find a company so worried about patching the game like Iridium, in fact, i'm almost feeling spoiled by their customer service.

Not a game for people who don't like rhythm games neither RPG's, and especially not for those who want a game full of explosions, great multiplayer (Sequence has none), outstanding graphics while the Story and the originality are left behind. If you can call yourself a gamer, not those who only play hyped games like Zelda, Gears or Uncharted, but those who are looking for a game that reminds you of the older days of gaming industry, Sequence is the game for you.