You don't dare attack this fighter pilot, especially when he is rocking out to his favorite music.

User Rating: 8 | Beat Hazard PC
Captain Spectacular is piloting his ship whose weapon systems are completely reliant on the intensity of the music. He must overcome waves of space debris, fighters, and decked-out bosses all while jamming out to his choice of music. He is showered with intense blurring effects, bright lights, and shimmering mists of color while trying to navigate the space fields of sound.
Seriously though, this game has a very simple concept which works fairly well. While it is true the effects can be too much at times and there is very little enemy variety, I keep coming back. Each style of music begins to have its own attributes in this game and can provide different levels of challenge based on the music choice alone.
The concept is so simple it leads one to wonder why this hasn't been done before. Similar things have probably been tried, but this is the first game I have played that has implemented the music so directly. Anyways, it is a neat idea and given that you're not prone to seizures, it is a very good time killer. I paid very little for this game, and I've put more time into than others I've paid triple for.
There isn't much chance for buyer's remorse here, so watch some videos and pick up a copy if it seems interesting to you.