Decent throwback old school cookie-cutter space-shooter arcade game, with a twist.

User Rating: 7 | Beat Hazard PC
I'm glad this was on discount, because it's not worth more than a couple bucks, at most.
The game play itself is fun for a couple hours. But quickly becomes redundant, as it lacks some much needed variety, substance & replayability.
What it lacks for in variety of enemies, it makes up for in overwhelming numbers.
A decent high-energy collection of songs, is a requirement, to maintain consistently fun & fast-paced game play. Those favorite slow jams are not welcome here.
Coming back to get the achievements is really the only that gives this game longevity past the short and shallow game play.
The rank system is decent to at least give some sense of upgrading and progress. The game could definitely use, being able to buy more ships, weapons, upgrades & skills would give this game some depth. (Yes, I'll admit. I've played a few too many of those arcade shooters over on Kongregate, the developers should take a cue from the folks on that site!) It also wouldn't have hurt, to have a few life drops occasionally.
Although it does look like they are going to be releasing a DLC soon enough.
Despite the downsides of this game, it is worth the play if you can find it on the cheap, although at this point, it would be best to wait for that DLC.