Seizures induced by flashing lights? Yes! Seizures induced by fun gameplay? No!

User Rating: 6 | Beat Hazard PC
The point of Beat Hazard is to mainly blow up ships to your favourite song. However, the game does not support .m4a/.aac (itunes format) files without a DLC which is to be purchased for $1 on steam.

This game is bright, colourful. Maybe too bright and colourful to play. Here are the pros and cons:

1) Achievements!
That's what everyone really wants. Achieve, achieve, achieve more. With every level you gain (calculated in points you get when you play a song), you get bonuses like volume/power/multiplier powerups right at the start of the song without having to scrounge for them later.

2) Colours!
As the song goes on, colours would naturally form on the screen with accordance to the beat/tempo of the song. Your bullets would also change colour every now and then.

3) Music!
This game is all about music. No music, no gameplay. However, the game itself comes with a preset library of tracks which could be used to play the game, even if your computer has 32MB left and you do not have any room for music.

1) Too bright, too colourful, too frustrating.
Games, yes, are supposed to be bright and colourful, especially in outer space. The only thing is that this game is overloaded with such things. Even with the patch which gives you 30% less visual overloads on the screen, you still can't see your ship very well. Your ship literally gets lost in the midst of bright colours, enemies, debris, asteroids and bullets. Even bullets can be really hard to see. And sometimes, you never know when an enemy is behind you, or a bullet is coming your way till it's too close to dodge.

2) Music.
Music can be a pro or a con for this game. As far as I am concerned, only loud (maybe not loud...) music or music with a fast beats/tempos can be eligible to be chosen for the highest "honour" to be played by you, the gamer. Something like getting the Iron Cross.

3) Powerups and Enemies.
Why I decided to put these two sections together, no one shall know. But anyway, powerups can make your music louder and make your weapon more powerful. Powerups could also make your multiplier higher. However, losing a life have serious consequences on the volume of your music or the power of your pew-pew lazors. For me, I mind losing all the weapon powerups I've collected and the worst thing is that the volume of the music gets lost as well. Meaning if you had a maximum volume of music and you're rolling along pretty well, and you accidentally (or maybe it's not accidental) crash into or get hit by a bullet from an enemy, all the volume gets lost. Leaving only one measly volume powerup for you to snatch, which totally spoils the entire song. I like my music loud.

Enemies are not varied. That, I'm not going to complain. But they're like ninjas. Especially the smaller ships which are harder to spot between all the mess. You could (sometimes) hardly notice them coming into the screen and boom. One wrong step and you crash into one of those ninja-like spaceships.

I didn't know if to put this in pros or cons:

1) Daredevil!
Dodging bullets and enemies are fun. If they don't overwhelm you. Or you have an eye which is given to you by Horus. Or that you are Hiro Nakamura (Heroes lolz) and can slow down/stop time to your liking. The fun factor is in here.

That concludes the review.

This game is cheap. But if you want to waste your (little bit of) money on a game which doesn't hold much value, go ahead.

But I will NOT recommend this game to anyone.