An amazing indie game, that is definitely worth buying. Only good if you have music though.

User Rating: 9 | Beat Hazard X360
This is truly one of the best indie games out there. Basically it is a classic duel stick shooter, where your weapons fire depending on the beat, and volume of your music. Enemies also come at you depending on the beat of the game.

Gameplay: You gather volume, and power to upgrade you ship. I'm not quite sure which one does which, but one of them fires big projectiles that fire by the sound of percussion instruments, while the other shots fire by the volume of the music. You also get bombs that kill almost everything on the screen. If you get enough volume and power you earn beat hazard which gives you an almighty laser!

Co-op: Co-op is fun in this game, and can be very enjoyable at parties. That is a good thing about this game is that since it plays on music, it is great for parties. Co-op though can get confusing because of all of the strobe lights.

Effects: The game has great graphics for an indie game, and has an amzing strobe light effect. The computer version had bad sound effects, but this one does not.

Enemies: The game has low diversity of enemies, though the updated version has a few more. Some enemies can fire lasers that just go forward, while others launch missiles that will track you very well. Most enemies just ram you.

Bosses: There are several kinds of bosses, but they all share the same appearance. Whenever you fight a boss there will be two of them. They usually fire these really powerful lasers at you, that kill you very effectively. The weapons for bosses are these: Giant lasers, heat seeking missiles, heat seeking mines, and laser burst. Each boss can have two of these weapons, so you will have a variety of bosses.

Upgrades: The more you play the more you upgrade. You will get different abilities and features the more you play. This gives the game high replay value because you will definitely want the beat hazard upgrade.

Good: Fun game! Great co-op! Fun at parties. You will enjoy your music more than ever. Old-school with a new twist. Upgrading system that makes you want to become an elite! Has leaderboards!

Bad: Not many gametypes. Few enemies. No weapons than the one you have.

Update: An update came out for the game, that got rid of some of these problems. The update gives the game new boss types, and more enemies.

Super boss: This boss is BIG! It has lots of weapons on it, and lots of health. It is the same in which it has different weapons of it, but it usually has four powerful lasers.

Enemies: A new type of enemy came out which is a kind of bomber. They have a lot of health, and fly in a formation that kills you quite frequently. They will actually fly in a circle around you, so that they can easily kill you.

Bad: The super boss almost entirely replaces old bosses.

Overall: A good game that is definitely worth the amount of money it asks for. Though you if you don't have music on your xbox you may have less fun, but the game does have some preset music that is also fun to play.