A new way to enjoy your massive MP3 library

User Rating: 7.5 | Beat Hazard PC
I was quite excited when I first read about this game. I love shooting things, I love spaceships and I love my mp3 library. What better way to combine them all than this game? Great idea!

It plays like the arcade classic Asteroids from the 80s and it is a marvelous update of the classic. A few things I have issues with though are after awhile, with all the flying meteoroids, ships coming out from all sides, the colors of the background plus the colors of your lasers, it's easy to lose track of where your spaceship is.

Also, the spaceship controls, while easy, aren't very accurate. The craft speeds up and slows down at various speeds that are hard to control and the drifting is rage inducing... especially if you move to dodge something but drift into something else.

If the controls were a bit more accurate and the spaceships stood out a little more, this would be a much better game but as is, for the price, it's hard not to enjoy it.