Beat Hazard just may be the best music-shooter game available. No, you're not on drugs, you're playing Beat Hazard...

User Rating: 8.5 | Beat Hazard X360
Beat Hazard, by indie-game developer ShadowRage, is one of a handful of the relatively new music/shooter hybrids out on xbox live. While others (like Groov) use the shooting to create the music, Beat Hazard uses the music on your hard drive to create the game-itself.

In Beat Hazard, a space-shooter at heart, you shoot at bubbles which eminate from the walls based on the music and beat of the music. Your must shoot at the bubbles to score points, as they just keep coming. But here's what's great: As you progress and go deeper into the song/level, you begin to shoot out incredibly colorful, trippy (and not necessarily drug induced) rays which, like waves, fly out with the momentum of your ship and shot, to destroy your enemies. Your weapon becomes a rainbow of destruction, all to the catchy music which is yours. Its visually beautiful, musically wonderful (since it's all your music), and pretty darn addictive. While your pleasure may be increased with "performance-enhancing drugs", you may not need them to appreciate the visuals in this game. Sure, this is a one-trick pony, but when that pony dances to your own music, it's a beautiful pony indeed! This may be the best music/shooter game available.