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User Rating: 9 | Beat Hazard Ultra PC

UPDATED - New SHADOW OPERATIONS dlc has been released and thus has changed the scoring for this game.

Game: Beat Hazard Ultra
Genre: Music Shooter
Developer: Cold Beam Games
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 88/100
Value Score: 8.8/10

• Story: */10
o The game has no storyline whatsoever.

• Characters: 8/10
o There are no actual characters in the game but the objects within the game feature themselves as a type of character. You have several types of enemies with all sorts of appearances and attacks that come in many forms and shapes. There are about 3-4 different type of bosses each with unique form and attack. There are also mini boss versions of the bosses. There's also the player character or player characters if you go multiplayer. UPDATE - There are more ships now to play as than before and now the option to play as community created ships makes the selection quite appealing.

• GamePlay: 10/10
o The game is like a Japanese side scroller shooter which you play as a vehicle and destroy objects that come towards you in the form of meteors, debris, enemy ships, or just giant creatures. You must destroy them to get points and power ups which can do a multitude of things such as a multipler which can increase your score, a P power up which increases your attack power, a VOL power up which increases the volume of the music (in which affects your basic shooting attack pattern and burst shot). You can pretty much use the built in music collection or import your own tracks to play in the background of the game. The music affects your shot attacks, affects the enemy presence and how some power ups are distributed or appear - it is all based on Rhythm or the beat of the game. You have the choice to play single player, multiplayer, boss mode (which you fight bosses non-stop), or even the ability to play the classic Beat Hazard game upon start up for a different visual appearance and different UI. There are ranks which you can achieve based on raking up points from each game you do along with the fact you can unlock/use bonuses in the form of perks you can equip to make things interesting such as increased difficulty or giving you a boost of power in the beginning of a game.

• Graphics: 7/10
o Although the game isnt as graphic intense as most other recent games the game shines at its own creativity. The music itself develops the intensity of the lighting and special effects - depending on the rhythm different colors and splashes may occur which adds variety to the game and gives you a adrenaline rush feeling. However its best to stay back otherwise you'll have a high chance of getting a Seizure (as the game warns you as well when you start it).

• Sound: 7/10
o The game has basic sound effects for explosions, attacks and going through the menu. It feels and sounds like you are literally in a early 1990s or a late 1980s game which is quite nostalgic. There are no voice overs or anything unless you count what you hear in the music or the built in radio.

• Music: 10/10
o The game features a set of tracks already built in along with some radio stations for players who have no music on their computer. The reason why this aspect receives a perfect score is the ability to add your own music to the game which is the ultimate option for this aspect.

• Length: 6/10
o Because the game consists of a side scroller shooter with limited music (and you can add more music) with no direction or storyline the game's length is quite minimal. There are ranks and bonuses in the form of perks you can unlock however should only take you no more than 3 hours to get everything unlocked. UPDATE - Due to the inclusion of the Shadow Operations DLC - there's more to unlock in terms of content (ships) and ranks.

• Replay Value: 10/10
o Although the game has no direction, it allows you to pave your own direction with the ability to put your own music you can play this game and get a different result each time you play. Every game is absolutely different. If single player isnt enough to satisfy your hunger you can do multiplayer co-op or even competitive. There's also boss mode and of course you add music tracks of your own to change up the pace of the game. You can also unlock additional difficulties through perks.

• Player Value: 10/10
o This game is absolutely recommended especially for fans of the music genre, love music and loves shooters. The game is also a great multiplayer experience as you can play all the modes in competitive or co-op (this includes the boss rush mode). You can import your own music or use the built in music or radio stations to give you a different experience each time you play. This is a great game for both hardcore fanatics who want to brag about points or compete with each other and super casuals who just want something to spend time on even if it is for just one game.