Underrated, the game is underrated...

User Rating: 5.5 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2
Now, this is where a big problem arises. Though the aforementioned methods lower these numbers immediately, they are really on functional on an aesthetic level. Simply passing a mobster or cop will cause your ratios to rise, making your disguises useless on a long term basis. Honestly, I just wore what I thought looked good and paid no heed to said numbers. And even if you are attacked, your enemies are so weak that they will hardly provide a challenge, except perhaps in the endgame when you have to take on a great number of them at once.

Obviously, combat is a huge part of the experience, and thankfully it is pretty easy to get into. You have your punch, kick, guard, grab, item, and negotiation buttons, and most are pretty self-explanatory. Negotiation is used to acquire funds ("rob"), get information ("interrogate"), murder ("beatdown"), and recruit your enemy. Negotiation can only be used in one on one fights (as opposed to group battles) where the enemy has a pride gauge. This gauge, represented by a flaming bar, depletes as you taunt and lay into your enemy, displaying the word "negotiation" when it is completely drained. This is your opportunity to initiate the aforementioned options. Most enemies in the game can easily be beaten into submission, with exception of a particular type (I believe the "Knuckle Master" type) which seem to do nothing but guard everything you can throw at them, striking you fast and hard when you let up your attack. Items can be equipped for battle as well (only two), which can be used to restore health, or simply as a weapon to slaughter unarmed opponents (you cannot guard weapon attacks without a weapon of your own). These items are used on the spot, and take some time to use, which can leave you vulnerable. Weapons will also break with repeated use, so don't rely on them too much.