I dont care what others say about this game. I think its one of the greatest, and very entertaining.

User Rating: 8.4 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2
Get the game, its not that much and its definitly worth playing. Take my word for it. Its a very cool game. You can go around in the city, do missions, talk to people, order drinks, buy clothes change clothes customize your character, even get plastic surgery. The fighting aspect is very cool. Different characters have different fighting styles, and can equip themselves with weapons to pull out in the fight also. So say your fighting hand to hand in the street with another person, but you wanna fight a little dirty. Pull out a knife why dont ya? And slashem up lol. Or why not throw him off the platform and kill him instantly? Theres many things you can do in a fight in this game. Basically, its a very very good game. I dont know what idiots rated this game bad, because it's very very good. Id reccomend this game to a friend or anyone.