veeeery fun and entertaining but naive and common story but still great

User Rating: 9 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2
you can chose character and with him you are creating something like a gang
more like group in the game you can and you do revenge to zannetti family still
something is missing the game is super fun but still it
isnt good to everyone if you liked games like the warriors or final fight streetwise
rent this game to me this game is like PRImE but story isnt that good
rent it try it play it buy it and enjoy it you gotta get it if you listen to me and the game dissapoints you you can well you cant do anything but now i just bambling to fill the 100 words minimum but hey lets play beatdown fists of vengeance

what is this. this is funny .look 3======D hahah xd

well i need a lot of words to describe this well this game is hard to describe
what is this