The GTA style of fighting game...

User Rating: 7 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2
Beatdown -Fist of Vengeance-

This game is all about fighting,crime and the world of mafia.Got versus mode and story mode.The story is about betrayal of a father and the strength of a team.As the hero,you will seek revenge and eliminate anybody who stands in your way. -Pros-
*Nice graphics and environment.
*Great music especially at the beginning of the game when selecting characters(the song from New Kids On the Block)
*A lot of moves and combos.
*Destructable objects and environment.
*Various items can be used during a combat(knife,baseball bats,guns,shotguns)
*The game looks like GTA in several aspects. -Contra-
*An extraordinary long of loading time.Makes me bored because of waiting too long.
*Every time you enter a place,you need to wait before you can control the character.
*The dialog is always the same and repeatative every time you win a One On One fight or when you loose the fight.The dialog should be better.Not all character spoke the same words.
*Harsh words,bad dialogues and explicit violence.