Not bad! This game is awesome in many ways!

User Rating: 6.3 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2
Beatdown is a really good game at first but its not a game that will last you a long time. Its short but that doesn't make it bad. Lots of people underrate it alot but its not so bad. Its an average beat em up game.

Gameplay: Negotiation helps you recruit gang member' Kill' Rob' or interrogate. You can buy cloths to disguise yourself.(Bling Bling!) Start gang fights and use weapons such as golf clubs' pipes' knifes' and nailbats. (even some guns!) Beat up random people.(Just plain fun!)repetitive though. Can be ver fun at times.

Graphics: A little more to the negative side. The game doesn't have much color and it is low in detail. Sound: The game has just your basic sound effects. The voice acting and music isn't great but the sound is okay. The smack sounds can be pretty cool.

Value: Not so bad to replay. You can play as each character throughout the game' unlock sidekicks' buy clothing and gear for your character' and there is a decent character customization that make the game fun to play again. There is a multiplayer mode which adds lasting appeal as well. There are jobs to finish up also.

Tilt: Beatdown doesn't have a unique or creative storyline but people looking for an at least decent beat em up should find what they want here in this not so bad game.