Beat Down: Fists of Redundance

User Rating: 8.1 | Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance XBOX
First and foremost; I must clear the air: I am an avid beat-'em-up fan in every sense of the word. Like, ever since I was a kid, "Streets of Rage" was my thing. Anyways, "Beat Down" is quite promising. I always tracked it before it was released, and was very excited when I actually ended up liking it. It' a great mixture of action and, um, for lack of a better example, "Sims". I mean, Capcom invented this ingenius idea of intergrating a system where you customize your character (and for a good reason, too, not just a feature) to avoid recognition from police and gangs alike. I play wrestling games because of the creation process. I found "Beat Down" amazing to incorporate it within a beat-'em-up. The story is a typical brawler. You get screwed by your gang, and you're being hunted by your own boss. Instead, you decide to take him down from the bottom up. It is pretty amazing. There are weapons involved, but I don't waste my time. I equip healing items in my slots and go bare-fisted. I just figured it'd teach Zenetti a thing or two. Anyways, as a whole, this is a pretty satisfying adventure I have willingly taken more than several times. I agree with GameSpot with their review, because they are a gaming site and have to deliver an unbiased opinion, but as for me, I feel it's on game I must have in my collection. It's entertaining ant not very heavy. it's like the cheesecake of the video game industry. If you like action games or, especially beat-'em-ups, I HIGHLY recommend this. You will walk away feeling "Streets of Rage" did not die in vein. It's formula is still felt today.