I'm in love with this woman. Period.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bayonetta X360
What's hot:
+Bayonetta herself ;)
+Addictive gameplay keeps you playing more and more and more...
+Takes you back to a time when games were just plain fun
+Epic bosses
+Excellent soundtrack
+Style and design is among the best in this generation

I don't think there are enough words in this world to describe how marvelous this game is. Created by the same guy who created Devil May Cry, here comes the new queen of action games. Bar none. Putting into shame these others so called "action heroes" who don't deserve a mention because you already know who they are.

Bayonetta is a mixture of fast paced action and stylish gameplay. Here's the deal with her: She's a witch, she's hot and and she has amnesia. I know, though to swallow, right? She triumphs in a way that makes you think why there aren't any more over the top, nonsensical games these days. So many games try be really serious with their stories and characters they forget about the gameplay. Which is great, I admit that, just don't loose the gameplay.

Here's where Bayonetta comes in with full splendor, killing angels, heavenly and infernal creatures with full fashionable style. She makes killing fun and boy you encounter a lot to kill. Gracing us with her sexy catwalk you get rid of those creatures with an array of weapons that you'd never think they would be as deadly as they are: Ice Skates, you got 'em. Shut guns strapped to your heels, you got those too. A whip (my personal favorite) and a samurai sword also make the cut. You can make your own weapon combination and there's no restriction as to what you use to fight. You also get awarded for successfully dodging incoming enemy attacks with Witch Time which slows downs enemies so you can create havok and increase you combo multiplier. Complete the chapter to get your final grading and it'll be automatically uploaded into the leader boards.

Bayonetta has a story, which is something a lot of people have criticized. It might not be as in your face as other games, but it's there. It's slow at first, but it picks up, and you get to know the true Bayonetta who is simple stunning and one of the most memorable characters in gaming these days. As a gay guy, how do you expect me not like her. It's like, asking a kid to dislike Christmas. That's just never going to happen.

Now, you'll either love or hate this game. This game wasn't developed thinking it would appeal to a broader audience. It's only for specific tastes. Whether good or bad, that's up to you. I don't remember when was the last time I was so excited for a game such as this one. When I played this for the first time, I didn't know it was going to have the effect it had in me. I'm writing this not as pro gamer, or expert reviewer or anything. I'm writing this a a true gamer, someone who has forgotten with time and life experiences that gaming is all about fun and found in Bayonetta that spark that fuels his desire to keep him in this industry. Bayonetta revitalized my love for games and if you give her a chance, she might do that for you too.