Bayonetta is one epic artistic creation.

User Rating: 9 | Bayonetta PS3
I have started a new format for my reviews, kinda like GameSpot's good and bad system.

The things I liked:
- Insane battles that will have you on the edge of your seat admiring the over the top brawls with enormous angelic demons.
- The intense OST that will almost perfectly match up with the scenario.
- You will fall in love with the realistic characters that almost seem real.
- Low amount of menu-wondering. It's not like Final Fantasy X's sphere grid. You'll visit the menu to read up on some of the books you have collected throughout the game if you'd like, or if you wish to heal your character, or blend Key-items together and turn them into healing items. So you won't be begging to return to the game while in the menus.
- Interesting storyline and dramatic cutscenes make you want to listen to each and every word that comes out of the character's mouths.
- A unique game that sticks out from the rest.

The things I didn't like:
- The game's soundtrack can be repeated a little too much throughout the game. Ex: The catchy pop tune "Mysterious Destiny" will play during around 40% of the battles in the game.
- The loading times between Game Overs and Continues can last for over 10 seconds which can sometimes have you saying "Hurry the @#$% up!" in your head.
- The controls are fairly smooth throughout most of the game, but sometimes you'd be trying to execute a certain transformation technique, but you'll accidentally use a break dancing combat technique.
- Certain level modules last for way too long. Ex: At one point of the game you're riding on top of a missile and shooting enemies in the sky while controlling the missile around the screen. This part of the chapter will last for over 10 minutes.

Anyway the things I didn't like arn't a huge issue, most of them may probably remain unnoticed. And finally:

The things you may be concerned about in this game:
- The game as you can see is rated M. The theme of the game is to kill the servants of heaven which may not be appropriate for christian families.
- Profanity is a little crazy during cutscenes, on average there is at least 2 f-bombs per chapter, 3 sh*ts per chapter and maybe some other small uses of language.
- If you don't like blood and hack and slashing, this game is not for you.
- If you're looking for a game that will last you for a month or two, this game isn't it. It took me 4 days to beat the main storyline on easy difficulty. But the replay value in this game is very high, and you can try to improve your skills by playing on other difficulties, getting high scores, unlocking weapons/accessories and even costumes.

Just because there are a large quantity of things I didn't like or concerns, doesn't mean they're MAJOR issues that interfere with the game, this game is an experience you WON'T regret. Buy this game.

My score: 9.0