Bayonetta is a witch with a heart of gold

User Rating: 10 | Bayonetta PS3

Most games that focus more on sex appeal are often lacking in everything else. Understandably a sexy female protagonist got my interest too. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much more it offered besides a sexy take on a hack and slash game.

The core gameplay is made up of dodging, pulling off combos, continuing combos after dodges (dodge offsets) which seems simple and easy to learn but is a difficult one to master. The more gracefully and fluidly you execute these combos the more 'halos' you earn which is used to buy many unlockables. There are lots of fun stuff to do besides combat. You will never come across a dull moment in the game. The combat is fast paced and action packed and so is the story. Replay value is high with weapons and accessories to unlock, points to earn and scores to improve.

IMO Bayonetta is the most feminine and and stylish female character ever created in a video game. Though it never received the same popularity as its male counterparts like DmC and god of war this underrated gem deserves your full attention