Will PG publish Bayonetta 1 for Wii U?

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Hi everyone I'm just asking and I was wondering what do you think about it? "I think maybe the success of B2 could affect the publishing of B1 in about 2 years or more for Wii U" it's an opinion topic and I want to know what do you think?
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maybe...but doubtful, the first one is up to SEGA, if they say yes, then it will probably be as a downloadable version if anything...but who knows...

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Well, Sega has the final say in any Bayonetta game, they own the franchise not Platinum nor Nintendo. Think of Bayonetta 2 as Sonic: Lost World, Nintendo is funding its development and publishing it, but they still don't own the Sonic brand.

With that said, Sega is big into digital download games right now, so a Nintendo eShop release of Bayonetta is very likely, in my opinion. They don't even need Platinum to port it over since it belongs to them, they can do it themselves or even outsource the port to whoever they want.