I really really hope that's Bayonetta in the teaser.

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Because her guns have a different color and design along with the fact that her outfit kinda looks different from her original one, people are speculating that the woman in the trailer may not be Bayonetta. This is also because her face was not shown in the teaser. But in the teaser to the the first Bayonetta, her face was shown completely when she was taking down angels. Also, Bayonetta was just a name that she used until it was revealed that her real name is Cereza. So, this could mean that somebody else could've adopted the name "Bayonetta". I really really hope this is our beloved Bayo coming back with a new look and weapons as well as Jeanne. I do not like the idea of playing as someone else using the name "Bayonetta" and the game suddenly becomes a Devil May Cry 2 fiasco. And because it's a Wii U exclusive, it may also be trying to introduce Bayonetta to new fans with a completely different character. This has been really bothering me. I really hope it's our favorite witch with a new look. :(