It’s been out for 8 years and it is still fun to play

User Rating: 9.1 | BattleTanx N64
In the game Battle tanx a deadly virus wipes out most of the female on earth. The few remaining woman left are gathered by marauding gangs who rule this post apocalyptic world. You play as Griffin Spade and your mission is to go across the radioactive wasteland that was American and find your girlfriend. There are 17 levels in single player. The levels are small but filled with enemies. The are small run bots and huge laser bots, and tanks. In the levels there are up grades for your tank like radar, missiles, grenades, mine, guiding missiles, and nukes. There are bonus levels where you are in a bigger tank that can only move side to side and you need to shot the tanks that are coming at you before they blow you up and try to do all 5 rounds. There is a lot of fun in the multiplayer. There is annihilation where you have a small army and you battle the other army. Battlelord where you have an army and must get the queen from the other base. Deathmatch where you use tanks and small gun tank to take each other out and there is family mode with just tanks. These entire modes and be played alone against the game. With 4 multiplayer modes that bring more game play in to the game where the story mode left. If you have a Nintendo 64 and happen to find this game, do you self a favor and get it.