One of those unsung masterpeices

User Rating: 9.5 | BattleTanx N64
As far as N64 games go, at least. This game is unique, great enjoyable, and a classic for the 64. If you have a 64, then you should get this game.

Concept 9/10: You traverse all throughout a post-apocalyptic United States in a tank, looking for your wife, only hoping that she is still among the living because a plague that only effects females has killed almost all of them. You fight through different "gangs" that have emerged from the destructed world that was once your home. You have an army of tanks to do so. Are ya interested yet? If not, then you are either a tough cookie, or just don't like the classics.

Gameplay 9.5/10: As you make your way through the states, you will capture queenlords, fend off hordes of enemy tanks, and obliterate the enemy as you go on your search for your wife. There are many different power ups that you can aquire; some like swarming missles, tank mines, cloaking devices, or "gun buddies" (automated turrets that you can set down to deffend certain areas) to name some.
The single player is a blast. You travel coast to coast in your adventure. The single player is varied, balanced and just downright fun. Don't be surprised if you find yourself spending hours at a time one this!
Multiplayer is really fun if you have (a) friend(s) with you. There are several mutliplayer methods, even more maps to choose from, and a good bunch of different gangs to choose from.(You can play as the enemies from the story, yes!)
The controls are also great! Now I know that you're thinking "They always say that" but this time, it's true. Why is that? Because you can customize your controls to your liking, that is why! It really does give a surprising amount of customizable controls for a 90's game. If you wanted to shoot with c-up, advance with Z, retreat with c-left, strafe right with c-down, strafe left with R, change weapon with L, guess what, you can. This game has a very sophisticated control customization, so have a blast!

Graphics 9/10: Very detailed and very smooth for a 64 game. You will see buildings catch fire and collapse, you will see cars and trees and other such obsticles flatten beneath your grinding treads (quite literally) You will have the pleasure of knowing your tank is in a better (or worse) condition because your tank gets trashed the more of a beating you take. You will have the pleasure of laughing maniacally as you watch your enemies' tanks blow up and get totaled. You will also get to see UFO's blow up (with explosions that look strangely like confetti). The buildings and other environmental peices may lack some detail, but they look good regardless.

Audio 8.5/10: The sounds of explosions are loud, erratic, and sound threatening, just like how they should in real life. The sound effects in general are great, lazers sound like lazers, machine guns sound like machine guns, and the crushing sounds whenver you trample over cars is satisfying. The music is a great rock-like sound track, now note that you won't be hearing Guns 'n Roses' "Welcome to the jungle" or anything while you play, but the music will get you in the mood, and keep you for a long while, and sets the post-apocalyptic battlefield atmosphere quite well, better than what I've heard in some modern games that have a post-apocalyptic setting (which is a fail)

Story 7.5/10: Now this probably has to be the games weakest points, but it is still pretty good in general. The basic gist is that you are a husband (newly wed) who had his wife taken by fed's to quarantine them due to the earlier mentioned outbreak. Men, without women, get all stupid and blow the world up in endless nuclear/civil wars. You get through the game, and between each level about, you get these still scenes (nicely done scenes) with text narrating in third person. This execution seems pretty basic, and you feel almost alienated, but the story itself is interesting, despite only about only a few lines of dia(mono)logue and lack of character developement. But it is pretty good still, just not as refined as the rest of the game.

Overall 9.5/10: A great N64 classic that wasn't as popular as it should've been, shame consumers! This game has some drawbacks in the story, and a few other areas, but they are minor, and easily outshined by the games strengths. This woudn't be the game for everyone (because any and every game has to have some one who doesn't like it for no dicernable reason), but probably most people would find something worth while here. I miss 3do, and this game, is probably one of the biggest reasons why. Should try.