A Classic Winner for All Ages

User Rating: 9.2 | BattleTanx: Global Assault N64
This game is like no other that I have played, this game had tanks that could drop mines, shoot lasers, and place gun buddies. The closest thing to this I had ever played was a game where I could shoot shells and drop bananas, in Mario Kart. The graphics in this game are decent for its time, ofcourse now it is obsolete with the 360 and PS3, but this game wins in other areas.
Multiplayer is where this game excels, you have a modicum of multiplayer choices ranging from capture the flag, to death match. If you do not have any friends you can just put in bots and play against the A.I. The mutliplayer is strong compared to the single player which is very weak.
Single player campaign is a story about this lady who steals your child. He is very strong in the force, no this is not Star Wars, so you have to go out and rescue your son. If you don't pay attention to the story line its ok, you won't miss much, aside from a bizarre science fiction story. The best part about campaign is that you can play co-op so that is always a plus.
In other words, do not buy this game for single player campaign or you will be very disapointed, this game if played best with your friends and family for some nostalgia time. And the sound is not too shabby.