this game is a bit under rated, but once you actually play it, you will find out that it is actually pretty good

User Rating: 10 | BattleTanx: Global Assault PS
If you like tanks, then this is the game for you. This game has some really good aspects to it. It has some tanks that are based on real life tanks. The setting of the game is that you are griffin spade, and you are aided by your wife in the mission to rescue your kidnapped son from Cassandra. Now this fight won't take place with small arms. Instead you will bring out the heavy artillery and command a battalion of a variety of tanks, with an array of weapons both real, and unreal. You have many tanks to choose from to have at your command, but you must use each one wisely, and pick the right vehicle for each mission. But be warned that they vary in cost as well as statistics. Your currency is tank bucks, which is used to buy another tank to use once you die. Unfortunately, that's all you use tank bucks for. The setting takes place in many historic places from around the world, and most of the environment is destructible, and some items in the environment even hold items inside. You start out with the military's most common tank. The M1 A1 Abrams. It may not seem like much from the beginning, but later on you will find out that it is the best all around tank in the game. This game has many levels and missions on your way to rescuing your son, but it is filled with many environments and fun weapons to obliterate your enemies, and to recruit them as well. The game starts out in San Francisco, which is your home town. The first mission is relatively easy, and it teaches you about the most common things in an average battle field. Think of a tutorial level, but without the tutorial. You only have one tank to choose from at the moment, but be patient. You will get more as the game goes on. As the game goes on, the mission will become harder and more challenging. You use the arrows to move your tank around, and depending on what tank you use, the R1 button can keep you going in the same direction while you simultaneously use the right and left arrows to swivel the main gun around. While on other tanks the shoulder buttons flip your tank to avoid enemy fire. The game may start out slow, but if u play it long enough, then you'll know how fun it is to blow up everything with a nuke.