A great game.

User Rating: 8.2 | BattleTanx: Global Assault N64
This is a very good improvement over the first one, while fixing or helping in what was missing or lost in the first BattleTanx.

The responsiveness of the game is good, such as in the original, but maybe a little harder to control due to the increased speed. But the aiming is good and you won't struggle to use the laser or nuke. The other computer players aren't as stupid either, they will actually be challenging at times.

The graphics are a nice regular improvement, the tank colors don't look as bright and the paint looks more like real tank colors. Also the 3 tanks from the original are looking better with more detail along with color. Also they didn't slack off on the new tanks either.

The sound is much better but still nothing special. But since there is more then the same repetitive sound, theres some guitar added in the mix. It still suits the mood but is actually nice to listen to.

The replay value of this is extremely high because this is a great game to break out with freinds and play some of the many multi-player modes, such as BattleLord, Tank Wars, or Frenzy. You'll have a blast at partys with this and so will your friends probably.

My tilt to this game is 7.9-8.2 because it improved on what was needed and didn't slack off. This is what game sequels should all be, actually better then the first.

I would reccomend this game to anyone who has a Nintendo 64.